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Comments from Tuna Guys' Customers

"This is my first order and I'm impressed with your service. Also, I learned of you from a friend who gave me a can of your tuna for Christmas and told me I'd be tempted to eat it right out of the can. She was right! I'm passing some of mine along as well. Thank you." ~ Gretchen, Colorado Springs, Colorado

"Hello Tuna Guys, Your product IS by far the BEST you can get! My wife and I do not eat a lot of tuna, perhaps once a month...we enjoy our indulgement made with onion/celery and Hellmanns mayonnaise on good white bread! The big name national brands do not compare with your quality! They are not in the same league and be assured we do not buy them! When we run low I will order from you folks as I have for many years now..." ~ Timothy, Dover Plains, New York

"Hi Tuna Guys, you still have the best tuna anywhere!" ~ Christina, Vancouver, Washington

and I should know...I"m a Swede...! " ~ Dwight, Clinton, Washington

"I had stopped eating tuna for years until my sister let me try a can of your tuna. You really do have the best tuna!" ~ Leslie, Brier, Washington

Albacore Tuna -- Healthy and Sustainable

Tuna is rich in protein and is an excellent source of essential omega-3 fatty acids which help to lower blood pressure and cholesterol. Tuna is also low in fat and calories. Our tuna doesn't have any additives, just a small amount of salt.

Pacific Northwest pole-caught albacore is one of the most healthy and sustainable seafoods you can eat. It tops the Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch program’s Super Green List, meaning it’s a “Best Choice” for sustainability, contains the daily minimum of omega-3s, and has low levels of contaminants. Our tuna is caught and processed in the U.S.A.

Troll-caught and pole-caught

Troll-caught or pole-caught means the fish was caught by towing a lure or baited hook behind a slow-moving boat. In the albacore fishery, trollers attach multiple fishing lines to the vessel's outriggers. Trollers are limited in the number of fish they can catch — they have about 12 hooks in the water at any one time, and when an albacore is hooked, the fisherman has to pull each line in individually. This means there virtually is no by-catch.

High in omega-3s

When we pack our albacore, we cook the fish only once, leaving all the natural omega-3s in the can. The large national brands of tuna lose most of the omega-3s in a pre-cooking process before the fish is put in the can with water or vegetable oil, and sell the extracted omega-3 oil to supplement manufacturers.

Low in Mercury

Our troll-caught albacore are lower in mercury because they are smaller and younger (nine to 25 pounds and three to five years old) than the longline-caught older fish that reach up to 70 pounds after 10 to 15 years of growth. The older the fish, the more it bio-accumulates mercury.

Tuna Guys Gourmet Tuna

Tuna Guys

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